Career transition kit.

A free course to support athletes kick start their career.

Career transition kit

free course to support athletes
kick start their career.

Nobody tells you to stop.

You live, you breathe, you train.

So keep on keeping on, with a new kind of elite training. For the game beyond the game. The race beyond the race. The career beyond the career. There’s never been a better time to get ready. So seize the day. Own this moment.
Grab your game-changer kit – and pave the way for the future you want.

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This taster course has been built from the essence of
our 1 day course. Tools, tasks, tips and resources to
give you the momentum and support necessary
to prepare for your future.

Sport may have stopped, but you don’t have to.

What greater moment to use this time to plan for your future.

Do something great, do something for you, pave the way to greatness by putting the ground work in to prepare for your second career.

Other Services

Coaching Packages

Coaching is the heartbeat of the Brand You Sport model. We work with you as you begin to process what life will be like post your elite sporting career.  Just as your sports coach prepares you to be at peak performance on the field of play, we work with you to be the same in the rest of your life. We coach you to get clarity on how you want to live beyond your sport and support you on your journey to get there. Get in touch for a free 30min coaching session to experience the process for yourself and find out about our coaching packages.

Membership to our entrepreneurs POD

You will be placed into small groups of 2 athletes to one POD consultant. They will teach you how to set up your business, how to market your brand, create a business plan and all the other vital components of running your own business. You will be given access to the POD classroom to work through the various modules. You will be given a bi-weekly check in – a 121 meeting with the POD consultant to keep you on course and to provide bespoke feedback.

A weekly check in with your POD to discuss ideas and progress.

Get in touch to hear more and to reserve your place on the next POD.

Prepare for your future.

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