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Club House


We know that preparing for transition can be daunting. It doesn’t need to be.

Brand You: Sport has built a community to support every athlete as they prepare for transition.

The monthly membership gives you access to this community. We call it the Club House.

Annual Clubhouse membership gives you access to

The Club House

You will meet new and old friends thinking about or experiencing transitioning from elite sport

Bi-Monthly coaching calls

A coach will hold you accountable for your transition plan

Clubhouse social

Listen to exclusive podcasts, webinars and interactive tutorials

Take part in Clubhouse Forums

Meet up and share opinions and experiences and build both business and social friendships for the future, available online and offline

This content has been exclusively curated by a host of experts from industry, ex-athletes, senior leaders in sport, leading coaches, mentors and academics. All built to give you the tools to help smooth the process of transition.

Once a member we can then work with you to customise your support programme. Being a member gives you access to:

Club House Additional Services




Away Game*

* work place ready and work experience platform

and many other services at a discounted rate.

We know that the support will vary from athlete to athlete, some need work experience, others need a CV creating and some haven’t given the prospect of preparing for a second career anythought. So the menu you can access once a member can be specific to you and tailored to your needs and budget. You choose the options you want when you are ready to choose them.

Membership Costs


per month



per year
+ 2 free months

Sign up before 1st October 2019 to become a Founder member and secure this price of membership for a minimum of 5 years

“My opinion is stuff outside of sport is very beneficial for sportsmen and women, whatever you’re doing outside of sport, will help you in it.

We have found that people who have a good focus on study, extracurricular activities and work experience, turn up fresh with a different perspective”.


Don Barrell
RFU Head of Regional Academies

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