Evolution, an essential part of modern day survival, consisting of a series of transitions!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent but the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

A lot can be learnt from this quote, naturally it applies directly to the origins of mankind and the evolutionary stages we have all passed through. But the reason this quote is something I refer to often is due to the parallels that can be drawn through everyday life, business and survival. Bottom line is we all pass through different stages in our lives, we have to embrace these changes and evolve. Failure to evolve means we stand still.

The work we do at Brand You: Sport is about preparing athletes for transition, to prepare for transition ‘through’ and ‘out’ of professional sport. Transition out of sport is one of the only certainties facing athletes, regardless of the success achieved and records held, a time will come when the door of being an elite athlete closes and another opens. To be ready, willing and excited about taking on the next stage in your career as an ex-athlete, will make life outside of professional sport more fulfilling.

I have been through many stages of evolution in my career, leaving Nike and starting my own business was probably one of the biggest. The second biggest evolutionary phase I passed through was that of enlightenment and academia, some may say madness? I decided to go back to University after many years to study for my MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). The MBA had always been a thing of curiosity, a mythical two headed creature you had to approach with caution, trepidation and consideration. Friends and colleagues would see the MBA as Marmite – one of two direct responses; “Why would you want to do an MBA? What will it add?” Or “amazing, good for you, I’ve always fancied doing it myself.” The answer to the former, in my defence Mr. Officer was for several reasons;

1: It was about future proofing myself, in case I needed to enter back into the world of industry

2: It would add more value to my clients and help me build business

3: It’s all about evolution.

I had been educated about business according to three wonderful brands: Coca-Cola, Walt Disney and Nike, and I started to wonder if there was another way to build business outside of the American way. I wanted to see how far I could stretch myself and to validate my experience and learning. Bottom line was I wanted to evolve to future proof myself and my business. Education was my evolutionary cycle and for some of our athletes it may be self-discovery, confidence, work experience or going back to school. All we know is that it’s the smart athlete who realizes that greatness doesn’t need to end when the time comes to hang up your boots. As Nike says in maxim number 7: Evolve Immediately!