Evolution, an essential part of modern day survival, consisting of a series of transitions!

The last couple of weeks I’ve spent at head office, working full days in the office with Daniel where we have worked on current projects and begun forming a base for plans in the future.

My focus has been on grassroots rugby in preparation for next season, generating ideas to get lower league clubs on board and the ways in which we would implement them with the current resources we have at our disposal. I’ve learnt that the OPRO name is synonymous with mouth-guards and so it’s just about educating the heads of rugby how we can best support their teams. One of the big events approaching for the company is the Rugby Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, we had a meeting detailing how we would get the most out of the event and how best to market ourselves to the attendees. Anyone and everyone in rugby is likely to be there and it is the perfect place to generate new contacts.

“This experience is definitely proving worthwhile and I’m certainly learning more than I hoped. ”

Whilst I had my head down getting stuck into the plans for a new project I could hear the interaction between other employees across the floor and it struck me how much of a tight group the team is and is probably one of the main reasons they’re so successful. Many have been there for 10+ years which is a testament in itself, but I think it also helps that Anthony’s children have become involved in the company. Daniel, as the Head of Sports Marketing, Sophie as the Custom Director and James as the Logistics Director.

I was fortunate enough to be in at the time of a monthly update for the whole office where we received a brief review from each head of department. The main feedback was from ISPO, the world’s largest sports trade show held in Munich, where OPRO won a Gold Award for the new Power Fit mouth guard range. This product has been Anthony Lovat’s ‘baby’ for the last couple of years, it’s a unique combination of the self-fit mouthguard with its patented fins and has a custom-made shell, produced in OPRO’s dental laboratory. As a result Richard Evans, the Sales Director, was able to report on some brilliant feedback as a result of the new award including the generation of some new leads and orders from across the world.

These couple of weeks have certainly been eye opening for me, going from the pitch and the gym training I do daily with my team mates, to a 9 to 5 sat at a desk. It’s a nice add on to my weekly schedule and a dramatic change from the fast and physical work in professional rugby. This experience is definitely proving worthwhile and I’m certainly learning more than I hoped.