The Duty of Care in Sport Report – our insight

Like many before me, I welcome the Independent Report to Government, Duty of Care in Sport report by Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson.

The importance of supporting athletes and their families from the moment they enter the Talent Pathway through to retirement, whether from being released from the programme or squad, retiring through injury or at the end of a long successful career, the impact cannot be underestimated. I particularly applaud the report’s recommendations in both the education and transition themes.

I would go a step further and call out the need to celebrate the opportunity that athletes, wherever they are on their sporting journey have, to use this time to explore who they really are, how they really want to show up in the world as their whole self and explore what their life purpose, beyond their defined sporting self, really is. It’s an opportunity for them to begin to develop their own personal brand.

Athletes train hard and have lots of support to keep them at peak performance. A big part of the regime is REST. This could be the time to focus on education and gaining work experience. It is also an ideal time for the individual athlete to think through their own life purpose and start to build their own personal Brand.

“The Apples and Nike’s of the world looked
very different when they started to where they are today”.

Successful Brands evolve and are nurtured; the Apples and Nikes of the world looked very different when they started out to where they are today. The one thing that has remained the same is their core values and beliefs. It’s the same process for an individual. For an athlete to seize this great opportunity they need to start to explore their Brand early, see how it fits as they grow. For their Brand to be successful they need to be clear on their own values and their own life purpose.

Once this is clear the athlete has the power through their own social media channels to control how their Brand is seen and will be fundamental to a successful transition out of their sporting career.

Whether you are an athlete, coach, parent or sports administrator reading this and want to find out more, get in touch